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2021 Sponsorship Scheme

Promote Go-Race - Get Paid!

Help us promote our products on social media and we'll pay you cashback on your order. Simple as that!

Sponsorship: Store Policies

Get 25% Cashback On Your Order

Use your social media platform to promote our brand, by uploading a photo of your Go-Race product. You'll need to included specific hashtags and meet certain criteria. Once approved, we will transfer 25% of your order value (Excl VAT) to your bank/PayPal account. Maximum cashback £75. 

How To Claim

To Claim Your Cashback, The Following Criteria Must Be Met:

  • You must have both Facebook and Instagram with a minimum of 250 followers. 

  • Follow 'Go-Race Engineering' on Facebook and Instagram

  • Purchase any Go-Race product from our online store.

  • Post an image of your new Go-Race product on your Instagram and Facebook page and set post to "Public". (This must be the main image in the post and not include any non Go-Race products).

  • Tag in your post so we can see it!

  • Include the following hashtags: #motorsport #quickrelease #steeringwheel #go_race #yourordernumber(e.g. #00127).

  • Include all of he hashtags listed in at least one of the categories below, relating to your form of motorsport (Click on image to reveal hashtags).

We will receive a notification when all of the above is complete. At this point we will review your post and issue your reward. Your payment details are not stored, so you may need to contact us by email to provide your payment details, so we can pay you.

Please email any queries relating to sponsorship to:

Sim Racing



Rally Car.jpg



Formula Student

Formula Student.jpg




hill climb.png



Kit Car

Sponsorship: Products
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